Looking for a safe, clean and educational facility?

Look no further!

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We are Quality Rated and apart of the USDA food program!


Becoming a Foster parent? We make the process easy and can get you enrolled within 24 hours with no fees. Call and ask for Mrs.Nicole for more details!


Our infant room is equipped with the most modern and sufficient equipment available. Each infant has their OWN crib, swing, bouncer, highchair and playmat. We have Germ Guardian UV-C Sanitizing Air Purification system that not only eliminates germs but dust and other allergens with a True HEPA filter. We serve all organic meals and snacks to assure the highest quality for our infants. We supply infant formula with our BabyNes machine which we often refer to as our "Baby Keurig". This machine not only dispenses formula in the most sanitary way but it filters and heats each bottle to a perfect temperature. With our state-of-the-art, touch panel Wabi Baby UV Sterilizer we are able to sanitize toys, pacifiers, electronics and so much more while eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Our cribs are set at least 3 foot apart for wellness and safety unlike a lot of facilities. Each day, parents are sent an electronic notifications (sent through Brightwheel) of their childs day. This tells the parent how and when they ate, naps, needed items, temperament and so much more. 

We are a breast feeding friendly facility. Our mothers have a private area with a heated massage chair, flat screen TV with Roku and Netflix, mini fridge and fireplace.

Mother and Baby